Wolfgang Ellenrieder began developing a cycle of ephemeral works that only materialise when filled with air during his 2018/19 study residency at the German Academy Rome Villa Massimo, even before the global pandemic began.
A continuation and further development of this group of works now takes up a current concept of the artist, which enjoys project funding from Neu Start Kultur of the Federal Government, which thus contributes to the realisation of the project.
The focus is on reducing the volume of transport while increasing the experience and participation of the recipient, and not least the possibility of bringing the work to the viewer when the viewer cannot come to the work.
As the various lockdown phases showed, the encounter with art is prevented in museums and galleries and can only be ensured by testing innovative methods. For this project, Wolfgang Ellenrieder has developed mobile works that are shipped as modules and models using inexpensive and climate-friendly shipping methods and arrive at their place of presentation in the museum or the collector's home, where they are first volumised and then set up. On trial, but actually located, a temporary experience of art becomes possible. Only photos or documentation of the various locations, which in the end flow into a publication, are expected in return.

  • 2022
  • Wolfgang Ellenrieder &
    Knust Kunz Gallery Editions,
    supported by Neu Start Kultur

2021/22, AirMailArt project